Eine Vielzahl an Veranstaltungen erwartet Dich über das ganze Jahr bei Comsysto Reply. 
Unten findest Du alle im Überblick.


Agile Trainings

Product Owner Training - Oktober 2023 - English


Even if the team works perfectly, the product will fail if the team builds the wrong things - therefore the PO is essential for the product’s success! Ideally, the PO is an entrepreneur for the product: His decisions determine the product’s success.

Wir teilen unser Wissen

Wir organisieren öffentliche User Groups und Weiterbildungen. Hier lernen wir gemeinsam neue Dinge und vernetzen uns untereinander. Schau auch du vorbei. Wir freuen uns auf dich.


Agile Trainings

In ausgewählten Scrum Zertifizierungskurse für Scrum Master und Product Owner machen wir Dich fit für die Herausforderungen einer immer agiler werdenden Zukunft. Zusätzlich bieten wir weitere ausgewählte Workshops und Trainingsformate an.

User Group

Cloud Computing User Group Munich

Meet the Munich community of cloud enthusiasts and exchange experiences. Discuss best practices for the "automate everything" approach using different Cloud technologies and services such as Amazon Web Services - AWS, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Google Compute Engine, Docker, OpenStack, RedHat OpenShift + much more.


Doppelbockiger Wochenausklang

We usually get together before we leave for a weekend and share a few laughs and beers over some old and new stories from a life of a typical software geek in our office kitchen. Every four to six weeks we'll open our gathering for public as well with this meetup. If you are a technology or agile methodology driven individual and you'd like to meet some of us, share some of your very own experiences in a rather casual, slightly tipsy, atmosphere you're more more than welcome to join. And yes, we do hope to find new colleagues this way as well. If you'd like to find out more about us and our company, please visit our website: Comsysto Reply ( . Many thanks and hope to see you soon!

User Group

Spark & Hadoop User Group Munich

This group is a place for all Big Data crunchers (Backend Developers, ETL Developers, Data Scientists, Big Data Analysts and DevOps) who want to learn more about Apache Hadoop, a reliable and scalable open source framework for distributed high-performance computing ( )or Apache Spark.

User Group

Code Talks Regensburg

Wir halten Talks rund ums professionelle Coden/Programmieren. Unsere Themen umfassen dabei Backend- und Frontendentwicklung. Außerdem beschäftigen wir uns mit Cloud Computing und modernsten Technologien und Vorgehensweisen, wie Java, Spring, Javascript, Typescript, React, Cloudfoundry, AWS, GraphQL, SCRUM, Funktionale Programmierung und vielen mehr.

User Group

Smart City Munich

We are a community to design our Smart City. We want to find solutions that help people to move into cities, keep streets less congested or to remove parked and idling cars. We want to build on open eco system for our Smart City connecting people, public transportation services, self-driving cars, cyclists and infrastructure.

User Group

Predictive Analytics for Industry 4.0

Predictive maintenance is becoming increasingly important across such industries as manufacturing, transportation and renewable energy. Technological advances in IoT and Cloud Computing have triggered a wave of interest in employing the latest machine learning techniques to predict unforeseen failures, reduce unnecessary costs and ultimately, optimize processes. We see few challenges here: lack of data, technological difficulties implementing the infrastructure, and most importantly absence of digital culture in most of the German organizations. We will focus on these topics by building a dialog between data scientists, managers and domain experts, as well as sharing our experience and expertise on bringing 4.0 to the German industries.

User Group

Lightweight Java User Group München

Für alle, die gerne Erfahrungen mit leichtgewichtigen Sprachen, Tools und Frameworks aus der Java bzw. JVM Familie mit anderen teilen wollen, e.g. Groovy, Scala, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Grails, Apache Wicket, Gradle, Java FX 2, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Android, Flyway, Neo4J, Cassandra etc. Für alle, die sich gerne über die Anwendung leichtgewichtiger Methoden und Vorgehensweisen in der Softwareentwicklung mit Gleichgesinnten austauschen wollen, e.g. Lean Startup, Customer Development, UX, Scrum, Kanban, TDD, Pair Programming, Clean Code etc.