From Idea to Clarity

Bring your software product idea. Together, we’ll make it ready to be built.

The Problem

Getting started with a new software product idea or a significant change is hard. Risks and uncertainties are everywhere and in the beginning it is typically very unclear whether there is a viable business case that justifies the investment, let alone how big that investment is going to be.

What we offer

With this advisory offering, we support you with getting ready for the delivery phase and taking key decisions on scope, feasibility, and technology. You are experts for your market, your product, and the problem it’s trying to solve. We are experts for building digital products with sustainable and future-proof software architectures.

Let’s team up and bring clarity to your idea!

How it works


Have a conversation for 60 minutes.

Our experts will lead you through a semi-structured interview. We will ask questions to understand the problem you are trying to solve, as well as the most important use cases. We will explore your application landscape, constraints and strategic goals you have on this.


Get our initial asssessment for free.

Based on the interview, we will prepare recommendations for key success factors and milestones for the delivery. This includes a non-binding assessment of timeline and costs along with the biggest risks and uncertainties. We propose next steps on how move from discovery towards delivery.


Tackle the biggest risks together.

We want to hear your feedback and thoughts on our assessment. If you decide to pursue some or all of the recommended next steps (e.g. specific discovery workshop, small prototypes) together, we’ll waste no time and get going. We tackle the biggest risks first, wherever they are!


Download an example assessment and learn what to expect here.

Your journey to digital success!

We are more than just software developers. Our mission is to closely collaborate with our partners to build custom digital products from the first idea up until market success.

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