Establishment of a Digital Energy Platform

with a Scaled Agile Approach






4 FTEs for 3 years

Technologies & Tools

Cloud Architecture, Infrastructure-as-Code, Continuous Delivery, Test automation, Pair-Programming and Domain-Driven Design


Event Storming, User Story Mapping, Domain Driven Design, Agile Product Development, MVP

What we achieved together

At its core, sonnen is a manufacturer of batteries used as buffers for the electricity generated by photovoltaic systems, allowing for a greater portion of the generated electricity to be consumed on-site. As achieving complete independence from the grid is challenging, sonnen aimed to introduce an innovative electricity tariff that would provide battery owners with additional electricity from the grid for free.

Sonnen had already begun to emphasize the digital experience as its unique selling proposition (USP) by providing access to battery data through web portals and mobile apps. With the new tariff, sonnen sought to extend this digital experience across the entire customer journey by automating the offering and sales process.

In early 2019, the plan was to create a digital platform that would consolidate all the services offered to customers and partners and expand them with additional digital options. This encompassed building and integrating the entire order process, energy fulfillment services, billing services, customer portals, and more. Some parts of these services already existed and were distributed across various technologies, databases, and locations. The challenge was to scale the current organizational structures and transform the existing system landscape into a modular and extensible architecture in the cloud so that the concept of a digital platform could be implemented within a short timeframe.

Comsysto Reply supported sonnen with a small team of experts who possessed deep knowledge in building flexible and scalable distributed architectures, product and domain discovery, and scaling an agile organization. We facilitated domain, product, and architecture discovery workshops and actively participated in them. During these workshops, we introduced techniques such as Event Storming, User Story Mapping, and other practices from the domains of Domain Driven Design, agile product development, and software architecture. Through the workshops and associated analysis and prototyping activities, the understanding of the scope to be delivered and the required domain and system architecture were refined. This laid the foundation for forming new teams in line with the identified domain, system, and product boundaries.

Comsysto’s broad expertise, their agile mindset, and the commitment of all team members have been a crucial support for us in our agile transformation.

Marion Engert, Lead Agile Coaching - Sonnen GmbH


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